Attending Black Belts


Lake District BJJ Camps has a plethora of high level blackbelts that regularly attend the camps. These people are more than happy to answer your questions, solve your issues and make sure you understand the techniques that are being taught. 

During the Open Mat and sparring times, feel free to ask these guys to roll or train with you! We don’t play politics at the camps! Everyone is there to learn, improve, and grow and as most of these guys are instructors too, they always enjoy helping you learn and progress.

Ben Poppleton

3 Decades of Jiu Jitsu,

4th degree Blackbelt,

Head of Gordo Jiu Jitsu Europe

Blackbelt awarded by Carlos Gracie Jnr,

The Original Lake District BJJ Camps Instructor!

Instagram: Benpoppletonbjj

Facebook: Ben Poppleton BJJ Tenerife

Sam Kaye
Europes 1st Disabled Blackbelt
1st Blackbelt in Cumbria
Head Coach and Owner – Lake District BJJ Academy (your first point of contact for any camp)
British Champion Blackbelt Masters 2021 
Pantheon and Grapplefest Veteran

Instagram Phantomofthemats

Facebook Lake District Bjj Camps 

Jon Nicholson


1st degree Blackbelt under Marcos Nardini


Head BJJ Instructor – D Unit Combat sports hub


Scottish Rep of Gordo Jiu Jitsu Europe


2 times European Masters Champion Brown Belt
Duncan Wharam
1st degree Black Belt under Ben Poppleton
Head BJJ Coach at Sheffield Shoot Fighters
Hellishly strong beard game!
Dave ‘Speedy’ Elliott
3rd Degree Blackbelt under Marc Walder and Mauricio Gomes 
Team Origin BJJ 
Self confessed Tattoo Collector


Instagram speeditu_7185


David ‘Mooch’ Moore 
Head Coach at Sensei Darlington
Blackbelt Under Shaun Matthews
Naga Belt winner masters
Mutiple time british champ at Purple and brown
Enjoys the Lakes Camps because ‘Sam makes good coffee’ 

Owner Hardlife fightwear on Instagram and FB

John ‘Staffordshire’ Stokes
2nd Degree Black belt 
Judo Blackbelt
Head Coach Milltown BJJ

Doesn’t like tall people!

Instagram Mill_town_bjj


Rich Golland


7 Hills BJJ Sheffield


1st Degree Blackbelt under Ben Poppleton


Connoisseur of the Baseball bat choke
Pete Hall


Gordo Jiu Jitsu Rippon/Combat Kings


1st Degree Blackbelt under Ben Poppleton

Probably the toughest dude that doesn’t like competing!

Martin Bolo Folan


Ronin BJJ Leeds


Blackbelt under Ben Poppleton
Grant Cruickshank


Head of Origin Jiu Jitsu Scotland


Blackbelt under Dave ‘Speedy’ Elliott and Marc Walder


30 years martial arts, 10+ years BJJ


Claims to be almost as broken as the cripple that runs the camps!
Ritu Elliott-Dewan


Blackbelt under Marc Walder and Dave ‘Speedy’ Elliott


Origin BJJ 


Mum of 5


Self confessed TikTok Addict and prankster!
Martin Gorzala


2nd Degree blackbelt under Ben Poppleton


Owner Senshi Academy Leeds


6 time National Champion


3 time Masters European Champion 
Adam Giggle


Blackbelt under Ben Poppleton


Lake District BJJ Academy


Scissor Sweep Savant 
Billy Beckers


Blackbelt under Dave ‘Speedy’ Elliott


Head coach of Janus Jiu Jitsu


Founder of the Dundee Mixed Martial Arts Youth and Community Sports Association


School Manager ‘Shooters Dundee’


Ricardo Luiz De Souza
Blackbelt under Andre Ramos
Lake District BJJ Academy
British Absolute Champion Masters 2021
European Champion Brown Belt
Leigh Remedios


Blackbelt under Ben Poppleton


VT Jiu Jitsu


UFC Veteran


Polaris Veteran


UK MMA Pioneer
Ash Fletcher


Blackbelt under Ben Poppleton


Gordo Jiu Jitsu Cannock


Grapplefest Veteran