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Greetings! I am Sam Kaye, a 1st Degree Blackbelt and proud organizer of the Lake District BJJ Camps. I set out with a goal to train and learn from only the best in the industry, and I can confidently say that we have achieved that. Our camps have been graced with the presence of remarkable instructors, including the likes of 5 ADCC competitors, World and European Champions, and veterans of prestigious competitions such as Polaris, EBI, and Grapplefest. We have also had the privilege of hosting some of the most innovative instructors around – all to the benefit of our eager attendees. As a seasoned instructor myself, I am proud to have led camps focusing on Guard Retention, Back Escapes, Pinning in control, Jealousy arm crush, and Half guard passing, which are available for booking in seminars, Gi or NoGi. To top it off, we are also committed to trailblazing in the industry, with camps that cater specifically to women, lightweight and heavyweight categories, and belt rank seminars.